Personal Trainer Development – Are You Doing What’s Needed To Be A Personal Training Expert?

My martial arts instructor required his students to read Malcolm Gladwell’s best seller Outliers.  A big portion of the book is dedicated to this theory that 10,000 hours of deliberate practice is required to reach ‘Expert Level’. Read the rest of this entry

Fitness Workout of the Day: Pick A Card, Any Card!

Who wants to try the “52 Ways to Die” Workout?

Well come on down!  Take a deck of cards and give it a good shuffle.  The value of the cards are as followed: Face cards are 10, Aces are 11, numbered cards as valued.  Once you are done shuffling (make sure it’s a good shuffle) put the cards face down somewhere and select your first card from the top. Read the rest of this entry

Personal Trainer Business Tip – Don’t Forget You Are A Salesperson Too!

Hate to break it to you, but personal fitness training is more than giving clients fitness training. You have to be able to sell that fitness training to your prospective clients. Trust me I know how uncomfortable sells can be in the beginning, but you can overcome it by following these basic principles and strategies. Read the rest of this entry

7 Quick Tips To Get More Fitness Clients Today

I get asked by other trainers regularly about how to get more clients. I think for most of us it’s pretty obvious we just need to hear it from someone else to actually be motivated to do it. The easy thing to say is work hard and never stop promoting yourself. But that’s not enough for most, so here’s a breakdown of 7 things you can do. This goes for any trainer, gym trainers, private trainers, coaches, instructors etc. Read the rest of this entry

Personal Trainers, When Was The Last Time You Motivated Yourself?

As fitness instructors we are often called upon for motivation, but who motivates the motivator? If you want a success career in personal training you need to be well versed in both.

I love Mondays! It’s the start of new week with new opportunities. Below is some Monday Motivation to get your mindset right. Enjoy

Personal Trainer Business Tips – How To Get More Clients Without Working More Hours

Train more clients without working more hours!

Personal training is an industry that most enter because they have a passion for helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. It is a profession that should be about passion for the work as much as it is about earning a living. Over time many trainers burn out from having to work too many hours or working with clients that they don’t connect with personally. This prospect can lead to the transformation of training from a passion into a job.

In the so called tough economy, an easy way to train more clients in the same amount of time in a given day is to abandon the 1 hour model. I know you are thinking, “Everyone needs to train at least an hour for results.” WRONG! Think about an average 1 hour session and how long a person actually trains. Read the rest of this entry

Personal Trainer Business Tip – Quick And Easy Strategy To Improve Your Fitness Business Quickly

This is an excerpt that I got from fitness mastermind Pat Rigsby. This is a strategy that I’ve always used but sometime it’s better for you to hear it from a more established source.

I have a simple exercise for you that I guarantee will make your business better if you use the information you get.

Here it is:

Go ask clients what makes you different.

By asking your clients what makes you stand out, you may uncover areas you’ve overlooked that are of real importance to the people you serve.

See – most fitness business owners all say the same thing and never really set themselves apart from the competition.

In fact – here’s a bonus exercise for you: Look at the website of your top competitor. What do THEY say makes THEM “different”?

I’ll bet it’s the same type of stuff that you have been saying (I hope not but it probably is.)

If so – how to prospective clients differentiate you from the rest?

Once you’ve gone and asked clients what makes you different you’ll have a pretty good idea.

Dedicated to Your Success,

Pat Rigsby

Pat Rigsby – Fitness Business Owner/Consultant 

Pat is the Co-Owner of some of the most successful brands in the fitness industry, including the International Youth Conditioning Association, The Fitness Consulting Group, Resistance Band Training and the two fastest growing training-based franchises in the world – Fitness Revolution and Athletic Revolution. He’s also the Best Selling Author of The Little Black Book Of Fitness Business Success.

Over the past few years he’s helped thousands of fitness professionals grow their businesses, make more money and enjoy more freedom.

P.S. If you have found value in this post you’ll definitely find value in our Personal Trainer Business Starter Kit. Everything you need to get started running your own fitness business today.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tip – How To Get More Boot Camp Clients

Here is a quick marketing tip to get more fitness boot camp clients.

Take advantage of the current events and take advantage of all those popular obstacle course races i.e. Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Run For Your Lives. Read the rest of this entry

Personal Trainer Development Tips – How To Deal With Difficult People

This article was been adapted from Brinkman and Kirschner Dealing With Difficult People. It doesn’t matter if you are a fitness instructor or race car driver you have to interact with a wide variety of personality types. Use this as a guide to deal with the most common personalities.

Think I Know It All

They don’t actually know much but don’t let that get in the way.

Diffuse: Give credit when credit is due and provide a graceful exit if they are wrong.


Always have a joke or something funny to say.

Diffuse: Take them off to the side and ask them to dial it down.


Explode out of proportion to the current issue, taking out anyone in their path, whether it’s the right person or not.

Diffuse: Let things cool off to let the adrenaline reduce and make note of what pulls their pin.


Pushy, loud, ruthless, forceful, intense, and precise- you will be eliminated if you are in the way.

Diffuse: Say their name repeatedly and come along side to blend with their intent. Don’t counterattack, justify, or defend. If you shut down and withdraw they see the attack as justified and come back at you.


A covert operator who sees a weakness and holds it against you in sabotage, humor, gossip or putdowns.

Diffuse: Bring the sniper out of hiding.

Know It All

Knows 98% of everything, just ask. Wears people down to get their way.

Diffuse: Be ready with information. Acknowledge their idea before sharing yours and give them an easy out.


Always quick to agree and over commit.

Diffuse: Make it safe to be honest and help with planning and time management skills.


Puts things off until decisions make themselves

Diffuse: Surface conflicts, options, and obstacles to create a decision making process.


Withdraw often because they are hurt or embarrassed.

Diffuse: Take time and ask open-ended questions to go beyond yes or no answers which are most comfortable.


“I’m not negative, I’m realistic.” No protects against shortcomings that get in the way of perfection.

Diffuse: Use as a resource for an early warning system and give them time to think and come back to it. Give the negatives before they do and they may offer positives.


More deadly to morale than a speeding bullet- it’s all futility, hopelessness, and despair all the time. Every silver lining has a dark cloud.

Diffuse: Same tactics as the no.


Wallows in their woes and brings others down with them.

Diffuse: Shift to solutions. Don’t agree (encourages more) or disagree (compelled to tell more problems).

Is 2014 Moving Faster Than You?

We are almost 1/3 done with the year 2014! 

Time to reevaluate your goals to make sure you are still on track.

Another four months will be done before you know it. 

Weapon X Performance Fitness is getting ready to put on another boxing seminar in the beautiful weather. I’m personally designing an improved gameplan to use at my next brazilian jiu-jitsu competition. What are you getting closer to accomplishing?

David Avellan had a great idea to help people stay focused and active of their goals. Game is simple: if somebody asks you for your goals, you have to pull out a piece of paper with your goals written out.

If you don’t have your goals with you it is 20 push ups.

Simple game that we use to make sure everyone is always mindful of having their goals.

It might seem trivial to carry a piece of paper with a goal written out but believe me, it makes a difference.

Everyone who is playing this game is having to have new goals written out – so thing are getting done!

So join the game and get some friends or co-workers to play along. You will all be glad you did. :)


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